LGBT+ rights across the world

Homosexuality by country/territory (2019) (calc) (CNN)
25% criminalise
75% do not criminalise
LGBT rights by United Nations states (2011)
51% do not support or are indifferent
49% support
Same-sex marriage by country/territory (2019)
89% illegal, do not recognise, or partially legal
11% legal

   Latest news

2020 - July
Northern Ireland legalises same-sex marriage - Pink News
2020 - June
US rules firing people for being LGBT+ is discrimination - Pink News
2020 - May
Brazil permits gay and bisexual men to donate blood - Pink News
2020 - April
Tunisia recognises same-sex marriage - Pink News
2020 - March
Canada presents bill banning conversion therapy - BBC
2019 - June
Ecuador legalises same-sex marriage - BBC
2019 - June
Botswana decriminalised homosexuality - Independent

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2019 - May
Hong Kong legalises homosexuality - Attitude
2019 - May
Brazil criminalises homophobia and transphobia - Pink News, BBC
2019 - May
Taiwan legalises same-sex marriage - BBC
2019 - April
UK MPs agree to add education on the Equality Act for 12+ into RSE Official FAQs, Official guidance, THT, Stonewall + FAQs, Pink News
2019 - April
Brunei criminalises homosexuality - CNN
2019 - January
Angola decriminalised homosexuality - HRW
2019 - January
Austria legalises same-sex marriage - Independent
2018 - November
Costa Rica agrees to legalise same-sex marriage - Washington Blade
2018 - September
India decriminalised homosexuality - Times of India
2018 - April
Trinidad and Tobago decriminalised homosexuality - Gay Star News

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This list is updated regularly. See more at Awareness Days and Wikipedia.

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